Here is an explanation of each option shown on the title screen and menu:


NEW GAME Starts the game from the beginning.
CONTINUE Loads the game from a previously recorded save.
SHUTDOWN Quits the game.


Items Shows a listing of your currently owned items. Also allows you to use your items.
Change Order Allows you to change the lead character. Affects which sister is shown on the main screen.
Save Game You can save your current data here. You can then resume from that save slot the next time you play.
Load Game You can resume the game from where you last saved here.
Quit - Title: Returns you to the game's title screen.
- Quit: Shuts down the game.
- Return to Game: Resumes your current game.
PLAYTIME Shows your current play time.
HP The sister's Health Points. If either sister reaches 0 HP, the game ends and you will receive a GAME OVER.
WP The sister's Willpower or "emotional state". It falls whenever the sisters take damage or depending on the choices you make during special events. Different scenes will play out according to the total amount of both sisters' current WP. Certain scenes require high or even max WP to be seen. You do NOT receive a GAME OVER for reaching 0 WP.