Once, where this school now stands, was an old schoolhouse...
And on this very floor stood a very simple girl. The everyday, ordinary kind of girl...
One day she had a little accident... She slipped, fell, and cracked open her head. The damage was extensive.
Cerebral fluid and blood poured out. There was so much, her body almost floated in the pool that formed.
Anyone could tell she was dead just from a glance. She calmly stood up and muttered... "More... more..."
She then cackled maniacally... and vanished. Even now, in this new school... She wanders...

On December 17th, 1992, a Japanese group called ASCII released a program titled RPG Tkool Dante 98 for the Japanese exclusive home system known as NEC PC-9801 which allowed people to develop their own role-playing games. They further promoted their tool by publishing a monthly magazine titled LOGIN Sofcom where amateur developers could submit their creations. On April 22nd, 1996, an adventure game called CORPSE-PARTY was published in the Spring 1996 edition of LOGIN Sofcom No.6. It was made by a 22-year-old college student by the name of Makoto Kedouin, who typically stylizes his surname as Kedwin. On February 26th, 1997, Kedwin won second place in the Second Annual ASCII ENTERTAINMENT competition, netting him 5 million yen [$61,675.00 USD]. It'd be nine years before the world saw CORPSE-PARTY again. On October 3rd, 2006, a retelling of the Corpse Party story was released for the mobile phone under the title Corpse Party: New Chapter. This new version would later be ported to the PC as Corpse Party BloodCovered and once again to the PSP as Corpse Party BloodCovered ...Repeated Fear.

During this time, an anonymous member of a Japanese message board took it upon himself to faithfully recreate the original PC-98 version of CORPSE-PARTY in RPG Tkool XP as CORPSE PARTY -Rebuilded-. Fast forward to April 22nd, 2012, an American group called "Memories of Fear" translated his RPG Tkool XP recreation of CORPSE PARTY and released it to the public as CORPSE PARTY -Rebuilt-. After 16 years, the English-speaking community can get a chance to experience the classic version of CORPSE-PARTY for the very first time.

Latest version: Version 1.0e (04/22/12)
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Here are screenshots showing the differences between the original PC-98 Version (Left) to the RPG Maker XP Remake Version (Right).



A second year student in Kisaragi Academy Senior High. Satoshi is a bit timid and some would say a coward, but he would do anything for his younger sister. He's reliable in a pinch. In fact, he's the protagonist of this game. He and Naomi have a bit of a power struggle.

Although he seems a bit cynical and rebellious, in actuality, he's just frank and honest. Which is why he didn't fight it too much when he was put onto the class committee via ballot. And also why he showed up to prepare for the coming school cultural festival.

Ever since junior high, she and Satoshi have had a tense relationship. She's always greeted him with, "I'm SO sick of you!"

The class representative who loves to scare people. She loves to tell ghost stories and it's rumored that's why she carries around a bunch of candles. In actuality, she tells those stories to hide her own fear.

Satoshi's younger sister. Currently a second year student at Kisaragi Academy Junior High School.  She got mixed up in all this while delivering an umbrella to her brother. Spoiled by her family, she acts much younger than she really is.