Yoshiki Kishinuma escaped from that evil schoolhouse and became the sole survivor.
He is once again in the real world, but now feels the weight of his sins.
However, the curtain of fear has not closed yet.
He has to enter that wretched place one last time...

This product is a derivative work based on CORPSE-PARTY for the NEC PC-9801 by KENIX SOFT. Please make sure you play the original game that this fan game is based off of before you play CORPSE-PARTY if.

With the success of the Corpse Party series, many fans took it upon themselves to make fan games based on the game's horror adventure style. One of the most well known fan games is CORPSE-PARTY if, released in February 2011, just 6 months after the release of Corpse Party BloodCovered ...Repeated Fear for the PlayStation Portable. It is made by ASO and MISO, who make up the group called AMISOGUMI. CORPSE-PARTY if focuses on what happens to Yoshiki Kishinuma, the sole survivor, 8 years after the events of ENDING RANK : C in the original game. This fan game was popular enough to spawn a remake titled CORPSE-PARTY if PAST END.

The American group called "Memories of Fear" initially translated the original fan game before the remake due to the interesting changes between the two versions. The translation was released on December 21st, 2012.

Latest version: Version 1.0e (12/21/12)
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The sole survivor of that incident 8 years ago. He failed to save any of his friends, including his beloved, Ayumi. Each day, the guilt and sorrow of his failures weighs him down. Yoshiki now drifts from day to day as a teacher, staring at the halls of where he last saw his friends alive in the real world.

The protagonist of the original PC-98 version of CORPSE-PARTY. 8 years ago, Satoshi escaped with Yoshiki from the schoolhouse. However, he was killed by the spirit of his younger sister, Yuka, after returning home.

One of Yoshiki's students who bears a strong resemblance to his high school crush, Ayumi. Her gloomy mannerisms cause her to be frequently bullied.

In the original PC-98 version of CORPSE-PARTY, Naomi was killed by the girl in red 8 years ago. Her death was unnoticed by her companions, until it was revealed too late in the end that their "Naomi" was really the girl in red taking her place amongst the group.

8 years ago, Yoshiki was constantly wracked with guilt. Upon seeing this, Sayako spoke to him frankly, forcing him to open up to her. As he spent time with her, his negative feelings started to slowly melt away. Sayako taught Yoshiki kendo, the way of the sword, in her capacity as vice president of the kendo club.

In the original PC-98 version of CORPSE-PARTY, Yuka was killed by the girl in red 8 years ago inside the cursed schoolhouse. When she was alive, she gave her beloved charm to her older brother, Satoshi. She loves her brother dearly.


In the original PC-98 version of CORPSE-PARTY, Ayumi was caught and killed by the anatomical model 8 years ago at the Science Lab. She was with Yoshiki at the time. Just as she was about to be killed, Ayumi cried out for his help; however, gripped by fear, Yoshiki abandoned her and left her to die.