There was once a school near here... Long ago, a female student accidentally fell from the third floor corridor...
Though you'd assume she'd die on impact... Can you guess what happened to her afterward?
She stood straight up and with blood dripping down her face, she kept repeating... "More... more..."
She vanished, leaving behind only an ear-piercing cackle and her blood-soaked brain matter.


This is a work-in-progress demo,
and does not reflect the quality of the final product!

Since the release of CORPSE-PARTY ZERO for the RPG Tkool XP, a prequel to the original CORPSE-PARTY for the PC-9801, the members involved in the project decided to make an expansion of ZERO. This expansion will incorporate the four male Tendo Senior High School students mentioned only in the Name Tags from Corpse Party BloodCovered for the PC. In addition, the storyline is altered; five to nine ENDING RANKS will be included; redrawn character portraits; and it expanded on the story behind Hideki Tachibana's missing friend, Sanae Makiyoshi. Since this fan game is simply the "complete" version of CORPSE-PARTY ZERO, they have renamed it to CORPSE-PARTY-0 or also known under the simple monicker, CORPSE 0/2. This demo is not to be confused with the demo of CORPSE-PARTY ZERO featured in CORPSE PARTY -Rebuilt-, which only introduced two new characters.

The CORPSE-PARTY-0 demo has been in the works since October 2010. The American group, "Memories of Fear", decided to translate the demo they have released on their message board as a way to deliver hype for this upcoming project and decided to release it on October 31st, 2012. When the CORPSE-PARTY-0 fan game is actually finalized and is publicly released. We will translate the full game and release it.

Latest version: Version 1.0e (10/31/12)
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Foreign Language Versions: Japanese

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A well learned individual in both literary and military arts. She has been gifted with both brains and beauty. She is a part of the student council. Kaori enjoys teasing her younger sister, Shiho, with ghost stories. However this time it seems to have gotten them wrapped up in something sinister. She pretends to be strong in front of her sister, but in reality, she is scared.

He is in the same class as Kaori and serves as the student council president. His grades are top-notch and he is highly respected among his peers. Along with Kaori, he facilitates most of the school's functions. He was close friends with one of the students who went missing. Due to hearing many ghost stories from that person, he is somewhat familiar with the occult. Despite this, he has never witnessed any strange phenomenons and doesn't believe in the occult. He remains a realist at his core.

Kaori's younger sister. A second year student at Tendo Senior High School. She is a quiet, timid girl. She's extremely proud of her older sister, Kaori, who gathers everyone's gazes as she walks past them. She looks up to Kaori as a role model. She can't stand scary stories or situations. She also loves her yellow ribbon.

A second year student and avid member of the school's baseball team, Yuuya has been gifted with excellent motor skills since birth. Due to being close friends with Kyosuke since childhood and also being close to Masayuki, he commonly shows up at their student council meetings. It all started for Yuuya when he visited the student council room on that rainy day...


Shiho's classmate and a member of the student council. Since his third year in junior high, he's attended the same class as Shiho and has grown more fond of her over time. Due to his immaturity, he has never been able to get Shiho to see him as anything more than a close friend. Everyone sees Masayuki as Shiho's "busybody older brother" who sticks his nose where it doesn't belong.

A second year student at Tendo Senior High School, Kyosuke belongs to a different class than Shiho. As the student council accountant, he is rarely seen smiling and serves as an assistant to Hideki. He strives to prove his worth to his parents, who are powerful local dignitaries, by getting perfect grades in order to follow in their footsteps. He was walking home with Yuuya on the day he went missing.